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The Company

The Shareholders

Private Equity Fund_ Best Potential was created to invest in aquaculture projects managed by THERA Capital S.A.


The contributing partners_ Ferronor Group, Antillo Family, Dieguez Family (former Disal), Petrinovich Family and FDU. 

FDU Spa_ Investment company with entrepreneurs from Concepción with strong connections with the Fishing Industry (Fritsch, Duch and Urrutia).

AquaMaof Aquaculture Ltd_ International Israeli company with operations in Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Japan and Poland. 

Inno -Sea SpA_ Aquaculture innovation project developers and AquaMaof in Chile.

Aleta SpA_ Commercial management partner, Exporter and Importers of fish products. Company with a long experience in food products and retail.

About us

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