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The Proyect

AYT Project

Atacama Yellowtail was created to develop an aquaculture project to produce Seriola Lalandi (Hydrobiological specie) of great commercial value. The fish is grown in tanks using the RAS technology (Recirculating Aquaculture System). The Project considers the growth of juveniles to a commercial weight of 3,5 Kilos.

The Project considers 4.000 Tons per year of 3,5 kilos of fish. The production cycle takes 14 months starting with juveniles of 2 to12 grams to reach 3,5 Kilos commercial weight.

The plant receives juveniles monthly developing biomass which will be harvested weekly after the 14-month growing period. 

The Project will be developed in stages. The first one will produce 900 Tons per year. Atacama Yellowtail Will develop the Project in Tongoy, IV Region, where the company has the land and the permits.

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